Hi there – I am Allison Cotton and I’m here to help raise and expand the consciousness of the planet.


I have been Channelling Energy and speaking Light Language since I was a little girl. I connect and speak daily with Spirit Guides and am a 12th Dimension Akashic Record Gatekeeper.


As a Psychic Medium, a channeller of the in between, I can see the energetics of the words in a conversation. This is usually prevalent when discussing limiting beliefs. As you converse, the information, knowledge and wisdom that my client needs comes out of me through energetic channelling.  


I carry out energy work through channelled guidance as well as using sound vibrations and frequency. I tune into the different realms, as well as use activations and healing with sound and the beauty of spirit for your unique individual needs, seeing you as the person you are now and your future self, because it already exists.


When you ascend, you re-calibrate who you are as someone without limitations and challenges as a manifestation of your true strength when you are transforming on a cellular level.


I will show you how to trust your own inner guidance and have the courage to take chances on yourself with a feeling of excitement and joy, because you know you are worth it.


So much love from my heart to you x




Allison X


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