Aligning to your essence before you start your day

will always yield magical results.

Healing Side Effects

pageif you are highly affected by energy... especially when we receive intense light codes, solar storms and any planetary effects!


Take it as a SIGN.

  • A Sign of your own power.
  • A Sign that your boundary fields need some tightening.
  • A Sign that you're ready to step into Empowered Living.
  • A Sign that there are TOOLS to manage your experiences.
  • A Sign that you are seeing this page right now and reading it!

Unmanaged empathic energy is dangerous. WHY??


It's dangerous because, if it goes unchecked and unmanaged, it will fester in your fields, subtle bodies and aura and start to create DISEASE and DIS-EASE in your Body, Mind and Emotions.


Don't wait until you're drowning in the sea of Dis-ease and Emotion before you grab a life vest.


You do get to CHOOSE how calm the path is to get there.


Grab your FREE Healing Side Effects list and begin to manage your energy today..